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Murtaza Ali Laghari

Hello everyone!

I have always loved working and thought of it as a part of my life. Work, to me personally, is not just showing up at a job, and performing duties in a basic manner, rather I have always looked at it as an important part of my life. Of course, work-life balance is essential, but I believe incorporating work in your life in a productive manner can lead to a well-rounded life surrounded by joy and happiness.

Having worked 8 odd part-time jobs and 3 internships at corporations known worldwide I have met hundreds if not thousands of…

Why chaos is sometimes needed — Chaos Engineering — Royal Cyber

By Murtaza Laghari

Have you ever thought of “What-if” scenarios in your organization? Let’s suppose you are a successful retailer and on Black Friday (a day with massive sales across the world specially US) your website goes down. You are probably thinking it won’t happen right? Wrong. It happened. J.Crew/Ulta/Lulemon went through this. Read more here: See, the thing is no one was expecting traffic issues, server issues, or network issues within their organization hence they missed out on millions of dollars and customers who went elsewhere because…

By Murtaza Laghari

Solving IT and Software problems has always been a key issue in organizations. From not having enough resources to maintaining quality applications and software to the constant back and forth between teams to fix silos, frustration has led to an invention of a new principle. DevOps. So, what is DevOps? DevOps is the practice, or one can say a cultural movement to align the Development and Operations teams to be more effective in delivering high-quality software.

How can you adopt DevOps? Here are a few strategies that are important to adopt in DevOps.

1. Understanding the Unique…

By Murtaza Ali Laghari — Sales Team Royal Cyber

Have you ever thought of the “what if” scenarios that can happen to your organization? Let us suppose you are a successful retailer, and on Black Friday, the busiest and most important sale day — your website goes down. You probably think this cannot happen to you, right? Well, you are mistaken because it has happened. It happened to J. Crew, Ulta, and even Lululemon as well.

Nobody ever expects traffic issues, server issues, or network issues to happen within the organization. But this does happen, leading to retailers missing out…

Murtaza Ali Laghari

Sales and Marketing Professional at Royal Cyber

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